Why use webflow to build...

Why use webflow to build websites? Here are the top 10 reasons.

By Akash Udhanshiv
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If you want to build a website, how would you want it to be? You probably want it to look stunning, reflect your brand, and most importantly, help you be more visible, attract traffic, and/or generate more business. To build a website that can do all of it you need a good website builder. That’s where Webflow comes in.  It is exactly what it sounds like, it is a tool that helps you build a website.

That is what we will discuss here today. We will understand what Webflow is, how it can help you, and why you should consider it to build your next website.

Before we dig deep into what Webflow is and why use it - did you know it takes 0.5 seconds for a user to form an opinion about a website’s design? I mean, you’d think it wouldn’t take long but 0.5 seconds? That’s just too fast. Another mind-boggling (although not surprising) fact is that 88% of your users are unlikely to return to your website if they had a bad experience.

Why am I telling you this? If you are here, you probably know these things, know you need a website, and know you need a great one.

So what is Webflow?

Webflow is a powerful website design and development platform that helps its users to create amazing-looking, responsive websites, without needing to write code. With it, users can design websites and customise every aspect of their site's layout, style, and functionality.  

It all sounds great, doesn’t it? But there are other website builders available so why should you consider Webflow?

Here are top 10 reasons why

1. Full control over your designs

When designing a website, designers can design pretty much anything they can think of. However, this doesn’t always translate well when developing the website. With Webflow you don’t have to worry about this. It gives you full control over developing any design you want.

2. Faster development

Webflow is a no-code website builder with drag and drop editor. You can simply drag & drop the elements to speed up your web development process. In addition, you can edit faster and publish the changes with a single click.

3. Secure

Webflow is a closed source platform which means only the Webflow team can build the integrations for additional functionalities. On the flip side, if it was an open-source platform it means anybody can build the integrations for it, in which case you aren’t always sure if an integration is secure and built by someone reliable. 

4. Build landing pages at scale 

Landing pages are a key ingredient when running marketing campaigns targeting specific audiences. When creating landing pages, you can create them from scratch or choose from the extensive library of landing page templates.

5. Cross-device responsiveness
Image showing different devices you can develop a responsive design for

Webflow designs can be made responsive so whatever you build for desktop will be responsive and work just as well on tablet and/or mobile. In addition, you can also use the Webflow Designer to quickly make some tweaks to the mobile variations.

6. Built-in SEO features

SEO(search engine optimisation) is the practice of optimising the content of your website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Webflow provides the option to set the SEO title and meta description for each page of your website. Not only that but Webflow also allows you to set dynamic SEO settings, sitemap indexing, and more.

7. Extensive integrations library (238+ integrations)

Whether you need analytics features or thinking of doing email marketing or even need an e-commerce store - Webflow has got you covered with its ever-growing list of integrations to support these additional functionalities. You can check out their integrations page to check all the available integrations.

8. Endless animation capabilities 

Animations help you bring your website alive and Webflow has no shortage of animations. Any animation you can think of - such as Fade in/out, parallax, however effects, scroll effects, carousel, or more - you can develop it in Webflow.

9. Application Security, including secured hosting 

Webflow really cares about the security of the platform as well as the websites built on this platform. Webflow hosts on AWS which in itself is one of the most secure and reliable cloud computing service providers. 

In addition to the benefits provided by AWS, our application has additional built-in security features:
1. Two-factor authentication
2. SSO capabilities with G Suite
3. Single Sign-On (capabilities vary based on subscription tier)
4. Role-based permissions
5. Free SSL certificateBackups and versioning

If you want to read more about Webflow security, you can read it here.

10. Custom client-facing CMS

Webflow’s editor allows developers to provide their clients the ability to change specific elements such as content on the website without the fear of crashing the website. Not just static content, Webflow allows clients to manage dynamic collections as well so clients can draft & publish blog posts, case studies, and more. 

In conclusion

If you want to build an amazing website with stunning visuals, immersive animations and without compromising on security - Webflow is the right choice for you. 

So are you building a website for yourself or your business? We’d love to know. 

If you need help, Webflow has a ton of resources you can check out. Still not sure and need a Webflow expert to take care of this for you? We got you! We’re Webflow certified and we build amazing websites.

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